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Is Minnesota Better Long Term For Andrew Wiggins?

    A recent article has come out about Andrew Wiggins and whether or not he wanted to be traded to Minnesota. I thought for sure anyone would want to play with Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, and not go play by yourself in Minnesota! Right? 

    Well, I guess Andrew Wiggins had a different thought process. Bill Self has revealed to reporters that Wiggins actually wanted to be traded to Minnesota! Wiggins told Self he wants to carve out his own future and NBA legacy, and that Minnesota would help him do that. Wiggins did not talk to reporters, but Self told reporters he believes it is better for his future. 

    Come on. Really? Better for his future? Wiggins thinks playing with Ricky Rubio is better than playing with the greatest player in NBA history (or, one of the best)!? Wiggins doesn't want to take lessons from someone of similar body shape coming into the NBA, who then turned into a 5 time MVP!? I'm struggling to believe this. 

    The only way I see Minnesota being better for Wiggins is making Minnesota his own team. If that's the case, he either wants a challenge, or has tremendous pride. And based on what he reportedly said, then he does have absolute pride. Wiggins said he wants to carve out his own future, or in other words, not let someone else run the team. However, I have heard Wiggins is a great kid, so I'm not going to rip on him too much. 

    Either Wiggins is trying to make it look like he wants to be in Minnesota, and might have used the wrong words, or he is actually happy in Minnesota. I struggle to see him happy in Minnesota, and still see him going to Cleveland as detrimental short term and long term to him. 

    But its his life, and if he really thinks playing on a poor team in the tremendous western conference is good for his long term future, then good for him.