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Doug McDermott - Rookie of the Year?

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    The NBA Rookie Photo Shoot took place a week ago, and besides the chance to be on a basketball card, rookies were asked to be part of a poll pertaining to other rookies. Questions ranged from the most underrated rookie in the draft, the best shooter in the draft, the best play-maker in the draft, etc. Got to give the rookie photo shoot directors credit, there were some good questions.

    However, there were two questions that really caught my eye. One, "Who Will Win Rookie of the Year?" Well, at first prediction I thought the polls would go Jabari, Wiggins, and Embiid, like the draft order. However, unlike what I predicted, a surprising player was high up on the list, even tied for second.

    This unforeseen athlete was Doug McDermott. McDermott is coming out of Creighton as a Senior (Not a one and done), and has been traded to the Chicago Bulls on draft night (11th pick). McDermott has been a consensus All-American for three straight years, dating back to sophomore year. Obviously he has talent, but many people are over looking him due to lack of quickness. I would never have guessed his fellow rookies would think of him as possible Rookie of the Year.

1. Jabari Parker 52.8%

T2. Doug McDermott 8.3%

T2. Andrew Wiggins 8.3%

T4. Shabazz Napier 5.6%

T4. Nerlens Noel 5.6%

T4. Elfrid Payton 5.6%

    However, the other rookies also did get to see McDermott's outstanding performances in the Las Vegas Summer League right in front of them. McDermott averaged 18 points per game, 42% shooting from the field, and 44% shooting from three point land. Dennis Scott and fellow members rated him as the most impressive rookie in Las Vegas Summer League.

    Due to his great performance, and great respect for Doug, McDermott is expected to be a high contender for Rookie of the Year along with Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins. Although there is a big discrepancy between McDermott and Jabari in the votes, it is still good news for the Bulls, as the rookies were not asked to vote for second (If that was the case, McDermott might have been much closer to Parker).

    After the question of Rookie of the Year, the directors of the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot asked the players, "Which Rookie Will have the Best Career?" Once again, after Jabari at first, McDermott came in at second. This time, however, McDermott received more votes than TJ Warren of the Suns and Andrew Wiggins of the Cavs/Wolves.

    This second question is actually much more of a compliment to Doug than the first, as this poll question is talking about the next 15-20 years! His fellow rookies are saying he will end up having a better career than Andrew Wiggins! I can't wait to see what Doug can do during the regular season.

1. Jabari Parker 45.9%

2. Doug McDermott 13.5%

3. TJ Warren 8.1%

T4. Andrew Wiggins 5.4%

T4. Zach LaVine 5.4%

    After the Rookie of the Year and Overall Career question, directors of the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot asked 3 more questions.

1. "Which rookie is being most overlooked?"

2. "Which rookie is the best shooter?"

3. "Which rookie is the best playmaker?"

    McDermott finished in the top five for number one, was voted the best shooter for number two, and finished 4th for number three. Number three is quite ironic, as all the top finishers were point guards (Tyler Ennis, Marcus Smart) except Doug McDermott.

    Although McDermott did have a fantastic NBA Summer League, and his rookies are thinking high on him, I do not see Doug winning Rookie of the Year. With Jabari Parker in NBA Form already (Who honestly could have entered the draft out of high school last year), I see Jabari being outstanding and taking home Rookie of the Year. However, keep an eye on Doug McBuckets this year, as he might help a Championship contending Chicago Bulls Team take home the gold in June.