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Did Jerry Jones Take Michael Sam Just For the Attention?

   Jerry Jones of the Cowboys has recently picked up Michael Sam, who was previously on the Rams, but cut from the practice squad. Sam was without a team for only a couple of days, but is now on the Cowboys practice squad.

   Jerry Jones is known to be an owner, who is willing to take chances, make some noise, and sell some jerseys. Jerry Jones has sued the NFL to make more money from Adidas, he has fired Jimmy Johnson after back to back Super Bowl wins, and built a ginormous stadium. Knowing that, and seeing Jones pick up Michael Sam, who has made some noise as being an openly gay football player, an interesting question has come about. Did Jerry Jones take Michael Sam just for the noise?

  Michael Sam does have the most sold jerseys in the NFL, pertaining to rookies, after Johnny Manziel. Jerry Jones could easily make some more money with Sam just on his practice squad.

   However, besides the marketing reasoning, there actually is some football sense in Jones picking up Sam. The Cowboys are a team that play a 4-3 base defense, where there are 4 defensive linemen, and 3 linebackers. Due to Michael Sam's build, he is not fast enough to play linebacker, and would need a 4-3 defense to succeed. The Cowboys, in fact, do play a 4-3 defense where Sam could help in practice, and someday maybe in a game.

  At the end of the day, the Cowboys pick up of Michael Sam makes sense in two terms. For one, Sam will sell tons of jerseys and turn the public eye back to Dallas. However, due to Dallas' three consecutive 8-8 seasons, Sam will help the practice squad and the Dallas Cowboys in search for a winning season.